Know More Hepatitis


Hepatitis simply means "inflammation of the liver," and there are five types–Hepatitis A, B, C, D and E. Some types, like Hepatitis A, can be transmitted through contaminated food and make you sick for a short period of time with no lasting effects. Hepatitis B and C, however, are transmitted by blood and can cause chronic infection that can lead to liver disease and cancer. 

Campaign targets providers, the public and people at-risk

Through the Know More Hepatitis education campaign, CDC’s goal is to raise general awareness of chronic viral hepatitis, who is at risk, and how it can be prevented, detected, and treated. Because people born during 1945–1965 (baby boomers) have a high prevalence of hepatitis C infection and are at risk for HCV-associated liver disease, Know More Hepatitis targets this birth cohort and the health-care providers serving them. 

A key feature of the campaign is to provide health-care providers with the right information and tools to talk to their patients about the disease, test for it, and when needed, connect patients to appropriate treatment and care. The campaign also encourages those who are at risk for chronic hepatitis C infection, like baby boomers, to talk to their health-care providers about getting tested. CDC has developed a set of materials, including a public service announcement and an online hepatitis risk assessment tool. This tool was designed to help patients determine their risk for hepatitis, enabling patients to answer questions confidentially in their own homes or, if they prefer, in the presence of their provider within the health-care setting.

The campaign is being implemented using a variety of multi-media channels, primarily through donated placements of the campaign public service announcements.

Know More Hepatitis is no longer supported through the Viral Hepatitis Action Coalition. This campaign was originally funded by Vertex Pharmaceuticals and Merck.